Cemetery Dog: Grab a cup of coffee or tea, have a seat, and listen to this....

I once thought the most haunted city in the US was New Orleans, LA. Little did I know that moving to Mobile, Alabama would prove that theory wrong. There are an abundance of stories, urban legends, sightings and paranormal "hot spots" here as well. Mobile is smaller, much smaller, than New Orleans, so it's only reasonable that things are on a smaller scale here.

Nonetheless, smaller scale or not, the older portions of Mobile, mostly in the downtown area, appear as little slices of NOLA and are as beautiful, soulful, and spirit-filled as any you would find in New Orleans. This, by the way, includes the ghost stories and urban legends, most of which I am still currently investigating and have no photos as of yet. Key word here being yet. In the meantime, until I obtain photos and more details on the stories I offer you the appetizers below:

Crybaby Bridge in the Mobile/Satsuma area is a well-known paranormal hot spot that is subject to a lot of variation in the versions told. A brief explanation of the story is that a woman's small child drowned in the river below the original bridge, and on certain nights it is said that if you stand on the bridge you can hear a child crying & sounds of someone swimming in the river. Reportedly the original bridge is in disrepair and a new one was built.

Due to the the level of disrepair the original Crybaby Bridge is difficult to find, but I do plan on finding this bridge and obtaining photos.

The Boyington Oak in the historic Church Street Cemetery grows from the grave of a black man by the name of Boyington. He was wrongly accused (not sure on the details here) and executed; his last words were that an oak tree would grow from his grave to prove his innocence.

There are several graves in the cemetery that fit this description, and one of the graves I'm inclined to think is the Boyington Oak grave has no name. It's coincidentally the same grave we were trying to look at when the "cemetery dog" escorted us (to put it mildly) away from the location.

Mobile Christian School It is said that students and coaches have heard people playing basketball in the gym when no one's in there. There are also reports that games are sometimes announced from the football field when there's no game.

Oak next to the Public Library Standing within close range of this giant oak some hear crying, whispering and other odd sounds.

Seven Hills Cemetery has reports of an apparition of a woman hanging on a cross.

The University of South Alabama has its own ghostly tales. The Seaman's Bethel Chapel Theater is the site of one such haunting. Also, The basement is haunted by the ghost of a young child who reportedly plays in the costume shop. The fly loft is haunted by the ghost of a seaman. He's seen wearing his captain's coat.

The photo above was taken by myself that very day at the historic Church Street Cemetery in Mobile, Alabama. All graphics, design, etc. on this site are copyright protected.

I would like to add my own story to those on the left of this page, the one of the Cemetery Dog which we encountered last month (April 2005). Read about the cemetery dog HERE.

Also, read the story that gave me chills! Yet another account of a cemetery dog exactly like the one we saw! Mysterious Dog Guards Fresh Grave

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